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Accommodation in the vicinity of the Via Sacra

Breathe deeply by the wayside

Pilgrims on the Via Sacra can choose from a variety of places to stay overnight. Hotels, inns, vacation apartments, youth hostels and campsites welcome travelers. There are also four church facilities among the hosts, which can provide spiritual inspiration in church services, devotions, singing and discussion groups, meditations or lectures on request.

St. Wenceslas Foundation

The education center in the diocese of Görlitz

Jauernick | 21 double rooms, 12 single rooms, 2 three-bed rooms, 2 vacation apartments | conference hall | swimming pool

Ev. Brüder-Unität Herrnhut

Komenský Guest and Conference House

Herrnhut | 37 double rooms, 4 apartments | Conference hall | Spiritual offers

Saint Benno

Schmochtitz educational estate

Schmochtitz | 28 double rooms, 40 single rooms, 11 vacation apartments | barrier-free offers | conference / meeting rooms | bed+bike

Cistercian Abbey of St. Marienthal

International meeting center in Ostritz

Ostritz | 180 beds: single, double, four-bed rooms, dormitory, vacation apartments | Barrier-free offers | Offers for cyclists and motorcyclists