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Experience and inspiration

Nothing can be compared with your own experiences. However, to get an impression of the local conditions before the (cycle) pilgrimage and to get ideas for your planning, we recommend reading some testimonials. On our blog you can read how other pilgrims experienced their journey on the Via Sacra.

Frank Sühnel

I have known the border region of Upper Lusatia, Bohemia and Lower Silesia very well for years from my hikes. My pilgrimage tours along the Via Sacra gave me the opportunity to get to know these landscapes from a completely different perspective. These are experiences that have shaped my understanding of the landscape.

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Birgit Pfeiffer

The Via Sacra pilgrimage route presents itself to the hiker in many different ways. The numerous sights and changing landscapes offer space for silence, to reflect on life and to harmonize the outer and the inner. I myself walked four stations and wrote about my experiences for the Protestant weekly newspaper "Der Sonntag".

My blog entries

Your travel report

Will you soon be making a pilgrimage on the Via Sacra or have you already had your own experiences on the transnational route? Then why not share your experiences with us and our readers? Simply send your report by e-mail to and tell us why you went on a pilgrimage on the Via Sacra and what you experienced. With your consent, we will publish your report on