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Via Sacra - A contribution to the preservation and promotion of the common cultural heritage

The "Via Sacra" is a tourist product in an ancient cultural area. It leads to unique sacred buildings and art treasures in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and looks back on over a thousand years of shared history. The "Holy Road" follows old trade and pilgrimage routes through Upper Lusatia, Lower Silesia and Northern Bohemia. The monuments, places of worship, sacred art treasures and many more have been forgotten over the years and the relevant historical events and are often unknown to tourists and locals alike. The project and the project measures are intended to counteract this and improve the overall image of the Via Sacra.

The aim of the large-scale project "Via Sacra - a contribution to the preservation and promotion of the common cultural heritage" is to improve the attractiveness of the promoted area and to preserve the common, cross-border and sacred cultural heritage. In addition, an authentic tourist product that can be experienced across borders will be designed and subsequently marketed. The project partners have set themselves the task of intensifying marketing activities and quality tourism and optimizing the image of the Via Sacra and the border region.

In order to make a positive contribution to improving the attractiveness of the area and preserving the shared cultural heritage, in particular the sacred history and sacred monuments and facilities, the aim is to link the German and Czech stations of the VIA SACRA. This connection is to be achieved by designing a cycling and hiking route along existing cycling and hiking trails on both sides of the border. The result will be a new tourist product: the VIA SACRA pilgrimage route - a sacred experience.

To preserve the sacred monuments and raise awareness of the shared cultural heritage, restoration measures and the construction of an information centre on the VIA SACRA in Liberec are planned.

The project partners are also aiming to transfer the results and activities of the project to the Polish border region on a pro rata basis and to include the Polish stations of the VIA SACRA in the project wherever possible. The route conception on the Polish side is perspective.

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Partners of the Via Sacra project

Marketing-Gesellschaft Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien mbH (lead partner)

International Meeting Center St. Marienthal

City of Liberec


Project duration

2019 up to and including 2021


Via Sacra

Pilgrimage route

Via Sacra

Cycle pilgrimage route

This project was funded by the cooperation program Free State of Saxony - Czech Republic 2014-2020.